No matter the circumstances, sustaining an injury or enduring the loss of a loved one from another’s negligence or carelessness is difficult and can have lasting effects. While no one can undo the past, the personal injury lawyers at Ramos Law will help you fight for the financial compensation you need to ease the stress and anxiety caused by the accident.

We will work diligently to achieve the best outcome possible and relieve some financial burdens, from medical bills to lost wages and everything in between. Focus on healing from your injury or grieving your loss rather than worrying about paying the mortgage or covering the mounting medical bills.

Many accident victims face overwhelming financial problems from lost work, medical bills, and injuries. Contact the best personal injury law firm in Colorado and Arizona, Ramos Law, to discuss your options if you or someone you know was in a personal injury incident. We take the hassle of dealing with insurance companies off your shoulders and put it on ours.

As a medically-based firm, we want our clients to focus on recovering rather than dealing with insurance companies who care more about money than people. The personal injury attorneys at Ramos Law are here to offer you a complimentary consultation.

Passionate Personal Injury Lawyer

Ramos Law practices in all primary areas of personal injury, including accidents and wrongful death. Dr. Ramos began studying law because, as an ER doctor, he wanted any injured person or wronged party to have access to proper legal counsel if they chose to pursue it.

Dr. Ramos has a deeper understanding of your case from medical and legal angles and believes everyone deserves to stay as informed and knowledgeable about their case as possible. We serve clients who were injured in various circumstances. Ramos Law deals with insurance companies every day and insists that they treat our clients fairly.


Dr. Ramos is not just any lawyer. He was an ER doctor and saw that a traumatic incident ending in a medical problem could mark the beginning of a long insurance battle. Dr. Ramos became a lawyer to help good people in bad situations get back on their feet and move past the stressful situation.

Ramos Law is dedicated to helping people receive the best possible medical care while ensuring that insurance companies pay their clients fairly. Since its inception, our law firm has grown to assist clients in other areas, such as employment law and litigation, in addition to personal injury.

Our priority is always our clients’ health. We place you and your loved ones first and take pride in our reputation for honesty, hard work, integrity, and fairness. Ramos Law cares about people, just like doctors care for their patients.

If you need help, give us a call. We offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation for you to discuss your case and see if our personal injury attorney is the right fit. Call Ramos Law




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