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AES Corporation

285 Newbury Street
Peabody, MA 01960
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About AES Corporation

The AES-MultiNet system is a wireless-to-internet receiver designed to support multiple AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh networks connecting them to the central station via the Internet. Users operating in geographically dispersed AES networks link together via the Internet, increasing the capacity of their AES-IntelliNet networks.

Competitors of AES Corporation

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Products by AES Corporation

available from AES Corporation
The 7705i/7005i MultiNet Internet Monitoring Receiver System is used in situations where alarm signals from one or more AES-IntelliNet wireless radio networks need to be received and managed... Read more ›
available from AES Corporation
The AES-7794 IntelliProFire is an add-on module forAESsubscribers that enables transmission of full alarm zone data from an alarm panel to a central station over an established AES-IntelliNet... Read more ›